Cermaq Canada looks to grow in Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS – Cermaq Canada has announced its intention to begin investigating the feasibility of growing its salmon farming operations into Nova Scotia. The province of Nova Scotia has granted Cermaq four Options to Lease and the company intends to launch site investigations, feasibility studies as well as extensive public engagement.

The areas identified within the Options to Lease include the Chedabucto Bay region (Guysborough Country and Richmond Valley) on the eastern shoreline, and in the St. Mary’s region south of Digby on the province’s south-western coast.

“We are passionate salmon farmers, and we are excited about the opportunity to start on-the-ground investigations and engagement in the Guysborough, Richmond and St. Mary’s Bay regions. We will be using the next six months to launch extensive stakeholder and public engagement. We have also entered into exploratory conversations with the Mi’kmaq Nation of Nova Scotia,” says David Kiemele, Managing Director for Cermaq Canada. “We are coming to listen, to learn and to ask questions. As excited as we are, we know that we need to have community, stakeholder and Mi’kmaq support to proceed, and we look forward to those discussions.”

Cermaq will begin the process of establishing an Information office in the Guysborough region, and hiring local employees to help lead the engagement process and act as community liaisons.

“In the coming months we will be focusing on getting our office up and running and reaching out to the Mi’kmaq Nation, fishermen, communities, associations and local government to find out how to best engage moving forward. Once the office is up and running, we encourage everyone to come and visit. We will be sharing those details through our Nova Scotia website at HelloNovaScotia.ca and on our social media. Alongside this work, we will be launching our formal site investigations and data collection,” says Linda Sams, Sustainable Development Director for Cermaq Canada. “We are coming to Nova Scotia with open minds, hearts and ears; looking for guidance, local knowledge and history. We admit that we don’t know what we don’t know as the saying goes. We want to learn about what communities value, what is important to each unique region, and develop an idea of how Cermaq could potentially fit into that picture. We also want to share some of the good things we have to offer.”

Cermaq Canada has launched a website specifically for this engagement and feasibility process – HelloNovaScotia.ca which includes information about Cermaq and its intentions, contact information, updates and an opportunity to sign up for email notification. Cermaq will be sharing upcoming events and engagement opportunities through the website and local advertising. “We know there are going to be lots of questions and we want to make it easy for people to get the information they are looking for,” added Sams.

For more information, please contact Cermaq Communications Specialist Amy Jonsson at 250-202-7680, or by email at amy.jonsson@cermaq.com

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